Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time on planes and in airports.  Often when traveling with a colleague I’ve passed the time playing a trivia game where we take turns naming an airport while the other has to guess the airport code.  It’s something to do after the seat back tray table is returned to the upright postion and electronic devices shut off and put away.

I’m also trivia buff (or at the very least a repository of useless information) and have long waited for someone to come out with a game like AirportGeek. When it didn’t happen, I thought “well, how hard can it be?”…….so here it is.

To create AirportGeek, I had to make a list of the several hundred U.S. airports that provide scheduled passenger services and have over 10,000 passenger boardings per year (if you’re curious, last year Atlanta had the most passengers and William B. Heilig Field – Western Nebraska Regional Airport in Scottsbluff, NE had the fewest).

I travel pretty frequently and have been to some out of the way places and thought I knew my airport codes. I was wrong. Creating AirportGeek has been fun, though I now know more about iPhone Apps and airport codes than I would ever have imagined. I hope you enjoy it.