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Since 1992

Creative, Authentic & Purposeful Living


What it is, how to achieve it, and how it

will impact your life, your work... and the world


Exploring Non-Duality, Organic Change, Feminine Spirituality, Imagination,  Native Intelligence, Creativity, Forgiveness, Jungian Psychology and more...

"Social responsibility is living who you truly are" - RLW

Life-Affirming Workshops, Coaching, Community and Support

for Socially Conscious Women & Men


Founded in 1992 in Los Angeles, CA, Urban Goddess is a socially responsible non-sectarian educational and service organization now based in Dallas, Texas. Urban Goddess offers workshops, community and private consultations to help modern men and women creatively navigate the complex psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges of contemporary life. 


Urban Goddess is dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of women worldwide. It is our conviction that elevating the status of women is pivotal in creating a peaceful and sustainable 21st Century.   

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